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INAIS FABRICS are all treated before being crafted into Unique Outfits. Either we are talking about denims, cottons, leathers or jerseys, viscose, sequins, silks or tulles, all fabrics suffer the special treatments of INAIS REAL TRANSFORMATION into their true special and otherwise hidden fabrics' qualities. All effects like dying, decolorization, foils, sprays or bleaches are HANDMADE EFFECTS because, even if they are accomplished industrially, they require each workers' handcrafts to make them come true.


You might be a nightdreamer or a day dreamer, or you might not remember your dreams at all… but you should for sure fit the Inais items of this capsule collection dedicated to all of one’s dreams. In the middle of the summer, of the blueskies or of the breeze, in the middle of the canopy fields or even in the middle of the full moon season, in the middle of the nature of all things, there will always be oneself wearing one’s imagination. Wear any peculiar Inais gown, travel into all your cosmic thoughts, be a sheer MadHatter of your own Wonderland, go deep into the haze, but don’t forget to be close to your heart. Our collection will dress the foam of your days & nights. 


Inspired by the glittering night sky and the enchantment of stardust, this collection is a celestial symphony of glamour and sophistication. Radiant fabrics, celestial motifs, and ethereal silhouettes come together to create a mesmerizing journey through the cosmos.

StarDust invites you to adorn yourself in the brilliance of the universe, allowing each garment to be a shimmering expression of your inner celestial beauty.


During hard times, different times, even hopeless times, we've decided to have... ANOTHER COFFEE. 

Our new capsule collection is about not forgetting our inner everyday joy and dreams, those that  keep us walking.

We have gathered inspiration from the roots, from the glimpse of the moment, from the day and from the night. Coffee moments are those when we relax, find inspiration, concentrate, work hard, escape, dream away, take our time, share emotions. This is another invitation for our INAIS golden girls to be free to inspire.


This collection is a celebration of uninhibited creativity, inviting you to close your eyes to the ordinary and open them to a world of bold, unexpected style. With unconventional silhouettes, edgy textures, and a fearless approach to design, 'EyesWildShut' challenges the norm and encourages you to embrace the extraordinary.

Secret Garden

Escape to a world of enchantment with 'Secret Garden,' a mesmerizing clothing collection that captures the magic of hidden realms. Inspired by the allure of nature's mysteries and the whimsy of secluded gardens, this collection unveils a tapestry of ethereal designs and delicate details.

Mine Flower

There are flowers... and flowers. MINEFLOWER INAIS collection is about the sensitivity of very precious flowers, the crystal flowers of the mine rocks. They shine bright in the mud, and need deep digging to come true. They are our inner emotions waiting to be discovered, beautifully shaped in the golden light of the sun, twinkling in the raindrops, sparkling in the moonlight. We are miners searching for our inner gold.

Inner Gold

Inspired by the essence of individuality and self-discovery, Inner Gold radiates a luminous aura through its carefully curated pieces. Luxurious fabrics and intricate designs harmonize to reflect the inner brilliance of each wearer, celebrating the uniqueness that lies beneath the surface.

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