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What Sets Us Apart

INAIS is about the Courage of being one's True Self. It challenges you to reveal the Courage to be Unique and Authentic . The Courage to be Free. Free to Inspire. INAIS STORY talks about Individualism and Dualism. A necessary fusion of Creativity and advanced Technologies, Classic & Modern, Old & New, Day & Night, Timeless & Avantgarde. All our pieces are UNIQUE, a mixture between the handmade effects accomplished with factories' latest mechanization and the industrial best qualities of series clothing.

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INAIS FABRICS are all treated before being crafted into Unique Outfits. Either we are talking about denims, cottons, leathers or jerseys, viscose, sequins, silks or tulles, all fabrics suffer the special treatments of INAIS REAL TRANSFORMATION into their true special and otherwise hidden fabrics' qualities. All effects like dying, decolorization, foils, sprays or bleaches are HANDMADE EFFECTS because, even if they are accomplished industrially, they require each workers' handcrafts to make them come true.

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Inais Denims are all washed and died denims. Even though they might be bleached or metal foil treated, the feeling one gets is natural, soft & comfortable while the outer effect is distinctive and artistique.

Cottons & Jerseys

Inais Cottons & Jerseys are dyed & treated without exception. Out of the raw white basic cottons our designers are creating the most spectacular colours and patterns, transforming basic fabrics into outstanding pieces, with the plus of comfort that only the true cottons might confer.


Inais Leathers either real or faux, they always come in with softening treatments that make them feel like " the second skin ". They might be discreet or bold, warm or cold, they nevertheless stand out with the feeling of being the ones.

Viscosis & Silks

Inais Viscosis & Silks are soft and glamourous, transformed through different means into items giving a refreshing vibe and a sense of distinctive femininity that you can wear day to night, both in casual or evening situations.

Velvets & Sequins

Inais Velvets & Sequins are light and pleasant, in a wide range of effects, their so varied ways of being turned into personalised objects set them apart from what these kinds of fabrics use to look like.


Inais Tulles are soft and gentle shadows and nuances, high quality transparent fabrics that turn objects into light covers or structured organic layers & forms. 


Inais Wools keep one warm and breathe... the air of painted jackets, of cool blankets, of military elegance, of pleasant covers. They come either structured or smooth, always comfortable, with a sense of timeless noble touch.


Inais Waterproofs are made to protect & catch the eye. They can be shiny & bold, neutral & supporting, printed & painted, they are designed to serve practical reasons & stand out

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